Today I got to know about the death of our friend Dhjana. I am very sad about her being gone. She was such a warm hearted, open and welcoming warrior and I miss her.

I am also sad because she won’t see the finished version of the film and she won’t be able to show it, which she was looking forward to. She has been so supportive of the project, saying so uplifting things, offering we could work on it in Ede, one of the people who were convinced of it right from the start.

I’ve been looking forward to visit her again and I’m sad I will not be able to. I realise now again that while chronic sickness puts your life on hold, some situations and some people will no longer be there. And that sucks. I also realise how chronic sickness is such an isolating thing. Staying in touch with people takes effort and when you are lacking energy you often don’t manage. Plus often you can’t go to places where you normally meet people. So people slowly and silently drop out, especially those people who need help.

Dhjana knew this and dedicated a big part of her life to helping people with burnout and trauma, and changing our movement structures to be more caring. See for example support and recovery team, a great project that was very dear to her.

What consoles me is that she was happy with what she achieved in her life and I can only add to this that I’m deeply grateful for all she has done for all of us.

Rest in power Dhjana friend


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