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About the Filmmakers

Radical Resilience is a film project for anyone involved in social or environmental change that aims to spread awareness and encourage discussion about the effects of burnout within our movements, both individually and collectively.

How could we better deal with the difficult and painful situations we experience through our activism and in our lives? What unconscious tendencies do we play out in our lives that stop us from effectively processing our experiences, supporting ourselves/others through them, and lead us to unsustainable ways of working that can cause burnout? What forms of hierarchies, privileges and oppression do we recreate within our groups, how do they impact on us, and how can we change that? What effect does the loss of people, their skills and relationships, have on our movements? How can we keep our movements strong and sustainable, with an emphasis on caring for each other and being aware of our individual and collective needs? How much is enough for us to do in this world, where seemingly so much needs to be done???

These questions and many more are all relevant to the subject(s) of this film.

Our work has been slowed down due to health issues, but now the film is finally ready!!!

You can find our email address on the contacts page, for example if you would be interested in showing the film.