“Radical Resilience” – Online Film Screening and Discussion Saturday 10th April 2021

“Radical Resilience is a film for anyone involved in social or environmental change, that aims to spread awareness and encourage discussion about the effects of burnout within our movements, both individually and collectively.

How sustainable are our movements? Do we gain strength from our activism or does it burn us out? Are our group dynamics supportive or are they sometimes draining? How do mechanisms of oppression and privilege play into it all? And how can we improve things and move towards more caring, inclusive and resilient forms of activism??

These are some of the questions explored through interviews in the film.”

Check out the trailer to learn more about the film

Saturday 10th April : Online film screening and discussion

At 18:00 CET we’ll meet up to watch the film together. Afterwards we’ll take a break and then there will be time for discussion and questions. The discussion will be in English, for the film itself you can choose subtitles in English, German, French or Polish. We’ll aim to end around 21:00.


Please register by email to radicalresilience [at] riseup.net . You don’t need to give a real name or anything, but there is a limit to how many people can join. If there is anything you need to be able to take part, or if you have any other questions, please let us know.

We won’t be asking for a fixed “entry” price, as we would like this event to be as accessible as possible. But if it’s helpful for you and you want to support us in continuing with this project we would be happy if you made a donation.

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Want to organise a screening and/or workshop?

Are you or your group interested in organising a screening of “Radical Resilience” (online or offline)? Get in contact with us at radicalresilience [at] riseup [dot] net and let us know! For online screenings we can also facilitate a discussion or workshop over video conferencing to get more in depth with the subjects. If you are in Germany or surrounding countries and would be interested in a workshop based on the film, we could possibly come. Or we can send you some ideas for facilitating your own discussion.

We think it’s very useful after watching the film to take the time for self-reflection and conversation to better understand how we and our groups are affected by activist burnout, group dynamics, trauma, and the other subjects mentioned in the film. We can adapt the form and the content of the workshop to meet the needs of the group.

If you don’t want to organise something but would like to join a screening and/or workshop, keep an eye on our blog as we will post dates of upcoming events here. We will also organise online screenings and workshops on a regular basis.

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Online Screening & Workshop: May 29th & 30th 2020

On Friday 29th of May there will be an online screening of Radical Resilience, followed by Q&A with us and open discussion over video conference. It would be nice to try and watch together at roughly the same time just like in a “real” cinema 🙂 So the idea would be to start watching between 18:30 and 19:00 CEST and to begin the discussion at around 20:15 (the film is 64minutes long). We’ll aim to finish up by 21:30.

The next afternoon, Saturday 30th May, there will be a workshop from 14:30 until 17:00 based on the themes in the film where you will have a chance for deeper reflection in small groups.

Please get in contact by email to radicalresilience [at] riseup.net to register, with subject “Workshop Registration”. Let us know if you want to join for both the Q&A and workshop or just one of them. You don’t have to give a real name or anything, but there is a limit to how many people can join the workshop. If we have too many people for one workshop we will organise another one. Let us know if there is anything else you need to be able to take part or if you have any other questions.

We won’t be asking for a fixed “entry” price, as we would like this event to be as accessible as possible. But if it’s helpful for you and you want to support us in continuing with this work please consider making a donation.

PS. If you are a group who would like to have an online screening and workshop specially for your group, get in contact and we can arrange something. Also as “real-life” events begin to be possible again, don’t be shy to ask if you want to organise a screening.

This event will be in English, but we could also make a workshop in German or French if people are interested. Let us know.

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Postponed Screenings

Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have cancelled/postponed all planned screenings. We are not sure when it will be possible to organise new screenings. In the meantime we are thinking how best to continue with the distribution of the film, we’ll get back on that once we come up with a plan.

If you would like to watch the film in your group, with your house project, squat, etc, get in contact. It doesn’t have to be a big public screening, but it makes sense to watch it together and discuss, exchange feelings and experiences on the topics of the film. We are also considering how we could make collective online viewings with the possibility to chat online afterwards, so watch this space.

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Screening in KuZe Potsdam

On the 20th of March at 18:00 there will be a screening of Radical Resilience in KuZe Potsdam, followed by a discussion. We will also be there.

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Premiere of Radical Resilience!

The premiere of Radical Resilience will be on Sunday the 1st March at the Alte VHS, Wilhelmstraße 34, Bonn. Doors open at 15:30 and the film will begin at 16:00. It runs about 1 hour and afterwards there will be time for questions with the filmmakers and discussion. The film is multilingual and the subtitles will be in German. If necessary it would be no problem to do a whispering translation as a big part of the film is in English. There is no fixed price for entry as we’d like it to be accessible for all, but donations are very welcome to cover costs and hopefully help us continue our work.

The screening will take place on the ground floor which is accessible by ramp. Unfortunately the toilet is not barrier free. There is a play room for children in the building. If you have any other needs, wishes or questions then please contact us.

Through interviews, this film reflects on the effects of burnout within our movements, looks at reasons why it is such a common problem, and offers some tools and strategies how we can be more sustainable and inclusive in our activism.

If you are interested in organising a screening in your area, get in contact. To stay informed about upcoming screenings, join our mailing list, or follow us on Mastodon or Twitter. Share the trailer widely if you like it! Please choose subtitles in settings on the player as the trailer is in several languages.

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Radical Resilience Mailing List

We’ve set up a mailing list, so if you want to get updates on screenings and other info from us then you can subscribe here

Right now the list functions as a newsletter, so it won’t fill up your inbox too much!

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Today I got to know about the death of our friend Dhjana. I am very sad about her being gone. She was such a warm hearted, open and welcoming warrior and I miss her.

I am also sad because she won’t see the finished version of the film and she won’t be able to show it, which she was looking forward to. She has been so supportive of the project, saying so uplifting things, offering we could work on it in Ede, one of the people who were convinced of it right from the start.

I’ve been looking forward to visit her again and I’m sad I will not be able to. I realise now again that while chronic sickness puts your life on hold, some situations and some people will no longer be there. And that sucks. I also realise how chronic sickness is such an isolating thing. Staying in touch with people takes effort and when you are lacking energy you often don’t manage. Plus often you can’t go to places where you normally meet people. So people slowly and silently drop out, especially those people who need help.

Dhjana knew this and dedicated a big part of her life to helping people with burnout and trauma, and changing our movement structures to be more caring. See for example support and recovery team, a great project that was very dear to her.

What consoles me is that she was happy with what she achieved in her life and I can only add to this that I’m deeply grateful for all she has done for all of us.

Rest in power Dhjana friend


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We are on Mastodon

Hello all, we recently set up a mastodon account if you are also there you can follow us @radicalresilience@todon.nl

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Looking For Translators: Chronic Illness&Activism Zine

It would be great to be able to share our zine in many languages. Please get in contact if you are motivated to do some translation, even if it’s just one page or a chapter. Our email: radicalresilience [at] riseup.net

Here’s the link to the zine: Caring Movements: Chronic Illness and Activism

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