What about this film? – August 2017

We are sad that we still could not continue very much so far with the project, one of us is still being sick and we had to put all our energy into healing. We are sorry about it. Its not a nice situation but the positive aspects are maybe that through making the experience of being chronically sick and low in energy we learn a lot by experience about the subject we are making the film about.

Hopefully the healing will progress and we can soon start working on the film again. We still are very motivated and really hope to be able to finish it still this year. If not maybe we publish the unfinished version some of you already saw in a sneak preview. Its not perfect but as some interviewe says in the film: perfectionism is also a major burnout factor!

Keep it up and wish you all good health!

Update on the Film – May 2016

We have had some setbacks to our time plans for the film due to health problems.
We are not far from completion of the part of the film about activist burnout and recovery. Hopefully in the next few months we will have it finished and able to be distributed.

Thanks for your patience!

Radical Resilience!!!

Welcome to our blog. Please see the About page for information about the project. For the moment, we will post updates on the progress of the film and welcome any discussion or contribution. When the film(s) is ready, we will link to it here. We also plan to include interesting interviews, articles, and links to do with the subject of transformative and sustainable activism.