Caring Movements Zine

We’ve put together a zine about living with chronic illness and taking part in activist movements. The zine reflects on how things are and proposes some ideas on how we can make our movements more inclusive and caring. Here it is available to read online or to print out. If you like it please share and feel free to print and distribute! Thanks to EYFA for the support and encouragement as well as graphic design.

Caring Movements Zine  – Digital Version. This should also be fine for printing out on home printer. You need a program that can do “brochure/booklet print”. If you don’t have that use the file below. If you want to print copies in a “professional” print shop we have another file set up specially for that. Get in contact and we can send you that.

Caring Movements Zine Easy Print Version  – This version can be printed normally when you select double sided print and flip pages on short edge.

Polish Translation of Caring Movements – The zine has now been translated into Polish and is available on the EYFA website.

caring movements zine, plantpots in background