About the Filmmakers

We are Lian and Delila. We’ve been involved in environmental activism in Europe for over 14 years, mostly on protest sites and in the climate justice movement.

During this time we experienced how difficulties like burnout, unsustainable ways of activism, societal conditioning, lack of support structures, unresolved conflicts and having to cope with repression weakened us, not just ourselves but also our movements as a whole. It was clear that these factors were lessening our effectiveness and leading many people to drop out or perhaps never get involved in the first place.

Wanting to do something to change this, we set out to make this film.

In the end it took us a lot longer than we expected. Lian’s health got worse, with a chronic illness that continues to this day. Despite this huge obstacle we finally managed to finish the film.

Of course we couldn’t have managed any of this without our canine friend Loki, the real mastermind of the film!

In their spare time, Delila loves making music, learning about herbs, and cooking vegan food. Lian enjoys Loki’s company, taking pictures and filming, and being out in the wild.