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We would love to continue with our project, we have ideas for more films and we still have a lot of great material we would like to make available for example as individual interviews. As well as that it would be great to be able to make more interviews to go more into depth on some of the subjects touched upon in the first film. Right now we also have quite a lot to do organising the distribution of Radical Resilience, and developing a workshop concept around it.

We want to make our films available to everyone regardless of money, but we can no longer live on a protest site, and living with chronic illness also makes it harder to work to fund our project so please donate if you can.

Right now we are planning our next film, about chronic illness, disability, and being politically active. The idea started through our own experiences being in activist movements and spaces with chronic illness, and the barriers and lack of awareness we often experience. Coming into contact with others, and reading social media and literature around the subject, we found out that we are not alone with these experiences. Our movements are not free of forms of oppression and discrimination, so with this film we would like to raise awareness and inspire change, as well as showing empowering examples of groups that manage to find more inclusive ways. To make this film we need financial support, and we will soon begin a crowdfunding campaign, but if you like the sound of it feel free to donate already!

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