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Out of Action – emotionale erste Hilfe

Politisch aktiv sein und bleiben – Handbuch Nachhaltiger Aktivismus von Timo Luthmann

Aktivisti Retreat – Retreat-Räume für Aktivisti des sozial-ökologischen Wandels in Ökodörfern, Lebensgemeinschaften und Kommunen

Wie weiß ist Klimaaktivismus? – Karakaya talk bei youtube

Zine: Nachhaltiger Aktivismus von Cre-Act



Zines, Books & Flyers

Burnout flyer from Activist Trauma Support – A handy wee flyer covering some basic information about burnout, like What is Burnout, What to Look out for, Causes, and Strategies to Avoid Burnout.
and the rest of the Activist Trauma Support website with lots of useful info, downloads and links

Police Brutality and Activist Trauma Support and Recovery – Roots of Change Collective, Aotearoa New Zealand. Direct link to zine here

Self-Care & Self-Defense Manual for Feminist Activists

Road Raging Chapter 14 : sustaining the protest camp – from a classic 1990s book by Road Alert (UK) with advice on running direct action campaigns and protest sites.

Mindful Occupation – Rising Up Without Burning Out

Lifelong Activist a book by Hillary Rettig

Finding Steady Ground – A list of actions to take to help cultivate a resilient culture of resistance

Beautiful Trouble – A Toolbox for Revolution

Zine: Nachhaltiger Aktivismus: a zine about sustainable activism from Cre-Act

Book: Overcoming Burnout by Nicole Rose from Solidarity Apothecary check out also the great blog series


Sustainable activism: managing hope and despair in social movements – An article about sustainable activism

Kurdish Freedom and PTSD: War, Depression, Suicide, Silence by Hawzhin Azeez

Sustainable Activism

Plan to Thrive – “a collaborative blog project to encourage and support the health and wellbeing of people and groups engaged in working for social and ecological justice.” Lots of good resources.

EcoDharma – retreat center for activists in Catalan Pyrenees who run courses including Sustaining Resistance:Empowering Renewal

Ulex Project – Training center for social movements in Catalonia

Seeds for Change – “offer training, facilitation, online resources and other support for campaigns, community groups and co-operatives.” Resources for many aspects of campaigning.

Movement Generation – Resources for Resilience Based Organising

IDA USA Sustainable Activism resource list – many good links

free panic attacks course

Generative Somatics – a tool to “engage the body…to align our actions with values and vision, and heal from the impacts of trauma and oppression”.

Somatics for Activism – a group working to make generative somatics courses available for activists in Europe

Radical Herbalism UK – site of the uk radical herbalism gatherings. Has a lot of interesting resources and links.

Activist Mediation Network UK

Activist History
Protest Culture – interesting history about the anti roads movement in UK in the 1990s.